Keys to a highly-efficient IT department — How to turn your IT department from a cost center to a business driver (February 2014)

Secure Web Browsing in Public using Amazon — Using Amazon.com’s cloud services to create a free Web proxy for securely browsing the Internet from public Wi-Fi (July 2011)

Security System Design for Productivity — Measuring InfoSec productivity using the P>D+R formula, with techniques for improving detection time and accuracy (December 2009)

High Availability Branch Office VPN — step-by-step directions for implementing WatchGuard’s Firebox high availability feature (October 2007)

Performance of an Active Compellent San — real-world performance test results (June 2007)

Comparison of Novell, Polyserve, and Microsoft’s Clustering Performance — performance testing against file system clusters on a Compellent San (December 2006)

SmartSite: Integration Framework and Method — enterprise architecture for creating user-centric, service-centric networks (January 2002)

Linux Open Server for Workgroups — step-by-step directions on configuring Linux and open source software for your small business (August 2000)

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