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Podcast Guest Episodes

We Hack Purple Podcast: Using nudge economics to promote positive security and privacy culture change, and more. (February 2023)

IT and the D: IT Security Then and Now, Securing Relationships with Wolfgang Goerlich, Cybersecurity Strategist. (February 2023)

The Application Security Podcast: Security beyond vulnerabilities (December 2022)

Imposter Syndrome Network (November 2022)

IDentity Now: When tech hits the streets (August 2022)

Securing Bridges: Build and secure the bridges between security and the executive suite (March 2022)

In Scope Podcast: Security doesn’t have to be the department of no (February 2022)

Always On Podcast: Secure and Trusted Access at Scale (January 2022)

Detection at Scale: Rebuilding Trust in Security Tools (December 2021)

Backup Central’s Restore it All: Information Security Expert Says it Must Evolve (July 2021)

Hacker History Podcast: The history of Wolfgang Goerlich (May 2021)

CyberWire Daily: Street Cred — Increasing trust in passwordless authentication (May 2021)

ChannelPro Weekly: HIPS that Make Men Lie (May 2020)

Techspective Inner Circle Podcast: Value of Local Groups and Events (July 2019)

Cutting Concerns: On encryption frameworks (August 2017)

Exploring Information Security: How to be a good mentee (January 2017)

Exploring Information Security: How to find a mentor (December 2016)

Exploring Information Security: How to attend a conference (March 2016)

PVCSec: Codemash edition – the challenges of getting into infosec (January 2016)

PVCSec: Mobile Talk and the CBI Academy (October 2015)

IT in the D: Django Girls Detroit, A Craftsmans Legacy, Voodoo Choppers, Wolfgang Goerlich (October 2015)

PVCSec: The Ways of the Wolf. (February 2015)

Pete on Software: Wolfgang Goerlich Talks Application Security. (September 2014)

Down the Rabbithole: Wolfgang Goerlich – Security Leaders Series. (August 2014)

Exploring Information Security: What is threat modelling? (August 2014)

Society of Rugged Developers: Episode 12 with Wolfgang Goerlich. (July 2014)

Technology and Friends: Wolfgang Goerlich on Security Development Lifecycle. (June 2014)

Leveled Up InfoSec Podcast: Wolfgang Goerlich on Converge and BSides Detroit. (June 2014)

Trusted Software Alliance: Wolfgang Goerlich on a Real World Example of The Phoenix Project in Action. (April 2014)

IT in the D: Brightwing and Security BSides Detroit. (June 2013)

SiliconANGLE TV: Achieving hyper productivity through DevOps. (March 2012)

Down the Rabbithole: Effective Small Business Security. (October 2011)

Podcasts Wolf Hosts

Securing Sexuality (2022-)

Kibitz and Bits (2019-2020)

Encode/Decode Security Podcast (2015-2016)

The MiSec Podcast (2013)

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