ChannelPro Podcast and SMB Security

ChannelPro Podcast and SMB Security

I was a guest on the ChannelPro Podcast:

“Hips don’t lie, folks. Neither do Matt, Rich, or their guest host this week, MSP extraordinaire and former IT Glue exec Luis Giraldo of Ook Enterprises. Listen in as they discuss Tin Can, Luis’s interesting new cooperative services venture, plus Dell’s latest commercial laptops, stats about ransomware, and ChannelPro’s 2020 Vendors on the Vanguard list. Then keep listening for a timely and insightful conversation with Cisco advisory CISO Wolfgang Goerlich about SMB security and its surprising parallels with enterprise security. We’d be lying if we said Shakira shows up too, but then again she has that effect on people.”

Have a listen here:

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