Sorry. Wolf is currently not accepting consulting engagements. That said, please contact if you want a referral or recommendation.


Looking to get into IT security, expand your existing security career, or enhance your security program? Reach out. Wolf coaches professionals in the following three areas:

  • Career launch — recent graduates making the transition from the university to the IT security industry
  • First 90-days — IT security professionals taking a new position and making a strong start
  • Next step — People in leadership positions who are pushing their security program forward

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Wolf has presented at Black Hat, RSA Conference, Security B-Sides, and many other security conferences and events. He is available to speak on the topics of risk management, security information management, identity and access management, and business continuity. His current favorite topics to speak on are:

  • Changing culture — leveraging behavior science to foster a security culture in employees, developers, IT operations, and across the organization
  • Security design and architecture — solving the last mile problem with human-centric security
  • Zero Trust — implementing security controls to create a perimeter wherever we make an access control decision

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