Passkey Authentication, ITProToday

Passkey Authentication, ITProToday

Many organizations are interested in using passkeys instead of conventional passwords, but how much better are they?

Despite rising concerns about password security and a growing trend towards passkeys and other multifactor authentication tools, passwords remain the primary mode of authentication.

Excerpt from: Is Passkey Authentication More Secure Than Traditional Passwords?

Organizations are advised to use MFA on every website and application. For added security, users should use MFA methods with a physical token or software-based authenticators rather than less secure methods like text or email-based authentication.

Wolf Goerlich, a faculty member at IANS Research, suggested that IT professionals expand their focus beyond the initial authentication factor. “This should include device identity and posture, and the context and conditions of the request,” Goerlich said. “This risk-based authentication provides a defense against account takeovers by session hijacking, along with other common attack techniques.”

Goerlich also recommended that development teams pay attention to session handling, giving careful consideration to the detection and prevention of session hijacking.

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