Things Wolfgang Goerlich Says – Design Monday

Things Wolfgang Goerlich Says – Design Monday

Alright, alright. This feels a bit strange. But I’m collecting my folksy sayings on cybersecurity leadership and design in one place. I’ll update this over time.

Good Security

  • Good security is usable security.
  • Good security gets out of the way of users while getting in the way of adversaries.
    • Good security frustrates attackers not users.
  • Good security first delivers a business outcome and then, as a result, increases security.
  • Good security supports changing maturity.
  • Good security projects leave people hungry to play again

Cloud Security

  • Ownership is not a security control.
  • Security is not what we control, it is what they do.

Defense and Offense

  • When work looks like work, work gets done.
  • Risk isn’t the language of the business. Story is.
  • Security happens where mankind meets machine.
  • The more constraints placed on users, the more creative they become.
  • All a better mousetrap does is breed better mice.

Media Mentions

Always remember friends: The Cyber War will not be won with platitudes.

— Wolf

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