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Prevent ransomware threats to cloud apps with backup, security tools

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Ransomware — a form of cyberattack that interrupts access to an organization’s data until that organization pays a ransom fee — has grown from a rare occurrence in IT to a substantial and growing threat for enterprises. Ransomware encrypts files with a key only the attacker has, making it impossible for target organizations to crack it.

Ransomware has blossomed to the point where it now represents about one-third of the incidents handled by Creative Breakthrough Inc. (CBI), a managed services provider focused on IT security and risk assessments, based in Detroit.

“This is a reflection of the criminalization of hackers that we have seen over the past several years,” said J. Wolfgang Goerlich, director of security strategy at the company, adding that, just because your workloads are in the cloud, “doesn’t mean you are in the clear.”

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