9 in 10 organizations embraced zero-trust, CSO

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9 in 10 organizations embraced zero-trust, CSO

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Nearly 90% organizations have begun embracing zero-trust security, but many still have a long way to go, according to a report by multinational technology company Cisco. “The more organizations know about zero trust, the less they feel competent in zero trust,” Goerlich adds. “The more they learn, the more they realize they need to go further.”

Excerpt from 9 in 10 organizations have embraced zero-trust security globally.

“What often happens to security concepts that begin as buzzwords and capture momentum is they fade off into business as usual,” Goerlich says. “What we’re seeing is people no longer asking, ‘Are you doing zero trust?’ It’s, ‘Are you securing this new line of business? Are you securing our mergers and acquisitions? Are you protecting us against ransomware? Are you enabling the business to keep up to changing market demands and changes in the threat landscape?”

“Now that we have the outcomes identified,” Goerlich continues, “we can apply the appropriate technologies and appropriate pillars to achieve those outcomes. What we’re going to continue to see is zero-trust principles becoming fundamental security principles. As we move forward, good security is good security, and good security will include some of these zero-trust principles baked into every layer.”

Read the full article: https://www.csoonline.com/article/1249027/9-in-10-organizations-have-embraced-zero-trust-security-globally.html

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