North Oakland ISSA and Motorcity ISSA

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North Oakland ISSA and Motorcity ISSA

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I will be presenting at North Oakland ISSA on September 12th, and at Motor City ISSA September 20th.

Turtles all the way Down — .Net Software Security. Peel back the layers of abstraction, what do you find? Software. Feel through the fog of cloud computing and what is there? Software. What powers our devices? Handles our protocols? Drives our cars? What ties us all together? Software. Every layer of our technology stack is software. It is turtles all the way down. Few things are as germane to security as software security. We will delve into software security in this session. Using C# as an example, we will see how software in general breaks and how to protect Microsoft .Net in particular. So how do we protect software? Come find out.

North Oakland ISSA. September 12, 2012. Auburn Hills, MI.

Whispering on the Wires. The Internet opened communications and enabled this flat world where everything is but one click away. These complex networks make possible rich exchanges of thoughts and ideas, goods and services. But there is, of course, a dark side. Not all communications are productive. Not all communications are visible. Some are destructive, hidden, invisible. Some messages are whispered in secret. In this session, we will delve into ways attackers can hide their traffic using steganography and covert channels. Examples will be demonstrated and potential controls will be discussed.

Motor City ISSA. September 20, 2012. Livonia, MI.