Find a Hacker Mentor and be a Hacker Mentee

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Find a Hacker Mentor and be a Hacker Mentee

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Want to find a mentor? Want to know how to be a mentee? Well, check out Timothy De Block’s episodes of the Exploring Information Security podcast. I was on along with Javvad Malik (@J4vv4d), Johnny Xmas (@J0hnnyXm4s), and Amanda Berlin (@InfoSystir). If you’re wondering where to start, here is your answer.

First, how to find a mentor? Decide what you want to learn and where you want to strengthen. Keep an eye on the people you already know. Be curious, be humble, and seek advice. Offer something in return, even something as simple as sharing your story.

Finally, how to be a good mentee? Be specific in your requests and keep your commitments. Expect to put in the work. We need to realize that mentors are guides, not teachers, and that we are there to dig and hunt and learn. Show up and follow through.

In the end, its about applying the hacker mindset to mentoring. So take a listen.

Edit 2017-01/14: Once you’re done listening, check out the relaunch of the InfoSec Mentors Project. Headed up by Jimmy Vo (@JimmyVo) and Keith Hoodlet (@andMYhacks), The InfoSec Mentors Project provides a platform for finding and connecting mentors and mentees.

Encode/Decode Episode 1

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I have launched new podcast: Encode/Decode — Hacker Defense Against the Dark Arts. We are going to highlight the defense with stories from the trenches. Kicking us off is Christian Kopacsi, Michigan’s CISO, who will discuss the Cyber Civilian Corp and the state’s incident response programs.

Podcasting with IT in the D

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I was on the IT in the D podcast this past Monday, talking about recent hacks, CBI Labs and capture the flag training, CBI Academy and transitioning people from student to consultant.

IT in the D: Django Girls Detroit, A Craftsmans Legacy, Voodoo Choppers, Wolfgang Goerlich

“Episode 112 is behind us, and it was another fun-filled episode with great guests, good conversations, laughs, and even a little helpful information for you.  We were joined by Django Girls Detroit, Wolfgang Goerlich of CBI, and Eric Gorges of Voodoo Choppers and A Craftsman’s Legacy…”