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Poynter: Don’t want the public to see your newsroom’s gossip?

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Newsroom instant messaging apps have only gained momentum since then, with Slack among the vanguard thanks to its ease of use and its cool-kid factor.

Excerpt from: Don’t want the public to see your newsroom’s gossip? Don’t put it on Slack.

Journalists should exercise more caution when it comes to digital tools like Slack, said J Wolfgang Goerlich, director of cyber security strategy at CBI, a risk management firm that provides security solutions for companies.

“As no chat system is immune to being misconfigured or misused, my advise is to limit any information over such channels,” Goerlich said. “Meeting in person for conversations remains the gold standard for the highest level of privacy.”

Goerlich’s advice for newsrooms is to select communication apps wisely, assume all exchanges are potentially public information and protect individual accounts of employees with good privacy and security measures.

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