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Designing Security for Systems that are Bigger on the Inside

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CircleCityCon 2019 Keynote. Security happens where man meets machine. Or, fails to happen, as we see all too often. Blame the users. They’ll click anything. Blame the developers. Half their code is riddled with vulnerabilities anyways. Blame the IT staff. You’d think they’d at least know better. But perhaps, we’ve been placing the blame on the wrong places. What exactly happens where people and technology meet? At that moment, that very moment, what factors in human psychology and industrial design are at play? And suppose we could pause time for a moment. Suppose we could tease out those factors. Could we design a better experience, design a better outcome, design a better path to the future? This session explores these questions and identifies lessons the cyber security field can learn from industrial design. Because design theory? Design theory is cool.

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