Navigating an Evolving Landscape, Forbes

Navigating an Evolving Landscape, Forbes

The cybersecurity industry is undergoing significant shifts driven by evolving threats, technological advancements, and changing market dynamics. Wolfgang Goerlich recently noted, “There are certainly a lot of conversations going around with respect to how to do tool consolidation. ‘How do I simplify my security portfolio?’”

Excerpt from: Navigating The Evolving Landscape Of Cybersecurity

5 Questions For CISOs. With thousands of cybersecurity vendors, it can be daunting to evaluate and choose from among the myriad of tools and platforms available. Here are some key factors CISOs should consider:

1. How much visibility do you have of your network?

2. How many tools or platforms do you have to correlate to get a comprehensive view of your environment?

3. Can you access your data from anywhere without adding additional cost?

4. Are you relying too heavily on a single tool or technology?

5. Can your visibility and security scale effectively as your IT environment expands?

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