Appetites for more government actions

Appetites for more government actions

SC Magazine: Appetites for more government actions

J Wolfgang Goerlich, cybersecurity strategist with CBI, a Troy, Mich.-based firm that manages IT security risk to help ensure data is secure, compliant and available, explains that InfraGard, a partnership between the FBI and organizations deemed to be critical infrastructure (such as those in energy, finance and transportation), has been sharing criminal information between the public-private sectors since 1996. Similarly, these organizations have been handicapped over the years due to limitations on their information-sharing abilities and those same concerns for potential liability. Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) have been sharing sector-specific information on attacks and threats since 1999. Eighteen different ISACs currently serve sectors ranging from health care to financial services. “An open question is how the proposed ISAOs will complement and coordinate with the existing ISACs,” notes Goerlich.

Yet another initiative, a NIST Cybersecurity Framework, was previously launched after President Obama’s 2013 executive order. It provides guidance on the controls and practices that organizations can implement to improve their security posture. “The functions of the framework include ‘Identify’ and ‘Detect,’ which will both be bolstered by better information sharing of threat indicators and criminal tactics proposed by this year’s executive order,” says Goerlich.

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