Drowning in a sea of cybersecurity tools

Drowning in a sea of cybersecurity tools

Posted on TechTarget SearchSecurity: Drowning in a sea of cybersecurity tools?

How can CISOs get the information and benchmarks they need to evaluate the enterprise effectiveness of promising technology and find the best security tools beyond point solutions?

“There is too much for any one leader to take in; therefore, the first step is in focusing on key areas,” says J. Wolfgang Goerlich, a cybersecurity strategist at Creative Breakthrough Inc. (CBI) in Ferndale, Mich. A former information systems and security manager at Munder Capital Management, Goerlich recommends networking with CISOs in other organizations to gain insight into the best security tools and industry-specific trends. “Building a strong peer network within the organizations gives visibility into the line-of-business technologies,” he explains.

Enterprises should leverage the resources and interactions available through clearinghouses like the Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) for financial services, healthcare and other industries to focus on emerging threats. “Taking into account these areas, a CISO can then pare down the list to essential technologies and get deep in the areas that directly affect their organization,” Goerlich says.

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