Installing ARCserve on Hyper-V Core

Installing ARCserve on Hyper-V Core

Hyper-V Core, or the Hyper-V role running on a Server Core installation of Windows Server 2008, provides only a command line interface. This makes installing management apps a bit tricky.

Take CA ARCserve Backup agent, for example. You cannot simply logon and run the installer. Rather, you need to use the management console that comes with ARCserve (r12.5). Use the management console to push out the agent to the Server Core.

The normal caveats apply to push installations. Both the management console and the Server Core computers should be on the same network. Both computers should be in the same Windows domain (or have a domain trust relationship setup.) Ensure the Windows firewall on the Hyper-V Core is accepting inbound file (CIFS) and procedure (RPC) requests. Once those are accomplished, pushing the agent is straightforward.

Similar procedures apply to Diskeeper and anti-virus software.

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