Keys to a high-performing IT department

Keys to a high-performing IT department

mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog included my minimum viable mantra in their recent blog post:

6 keys to a high-performing IT department

“Approach everything with a startup mentality,” says J Wolfgang Goerlich, VP of Consulting Services for VioPoint. “By that, I mean, seek to answer the following two questions: what drives value and what keeps the light on. I suggest adopting a minimum viable strategy for keeping the lights on. By satisfying the requirements without spending too much time, you make space to deliver value. Spend most of your time and effort on what really matters, what really drives value, what really makes a difference. In doing so, you can deliver outstanding results to your manager, your stakeholders, and your organization.”

Click thru and read the article, including the comment from Michael Stephenson. Lots of good advice for optimizing your team and department.

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