On men named Wolf

On men named Wolf

A bit of fun…

MEL interviewed Men named Wolf on the Kardashians dragging their good name through the mud. After Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced they were changing their baby’s name to something more fitting than ‘Wolf,’ other Wolfs — Wolves? — started howling.


Goerlich: I think you need to grow into being “Wolf.” You’ve got to be a little bit scruffy, a little bit older, a little bit worn around the edges. Maybe there’s a chunk taken out of your ear — you’ve got to look like a fighter. You’re not going to look like that when you’re young, so I can see why they said, “He doesn’t look like a ‘Wolf’ yet.” But give the kid time. He’ll get there.

Read the full article: https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/wolf-kylie-jenner-travis-scott-baby-name

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