Out and About: Incident Management with PowerShell

Out and About: Incident Management with PowerShell

Matt Johnson and I will be presenting on incident management and PowerShell at next month’s Motor City ISSA. This is part of the PoshSec initiative.


Incident Management with PowerShell

Have you seen the latest scare? The Java 0-day exploit that allows attackers to execute code on your computer? Now scares come and scares go. But let’s suppose for a moment your servers were infected using this exploit. How could your administrators detect the attack? How would you recover? Even better, what could have been done beforehand and how could you prevent this from happening again?

Incident Management, of course, is the security practice that seeks to answer these questions. In Windows server environments, PowerShell is the way Incident Management gets put into practice. This session will introduce InfoSec professionals and systems administrators to PowerShell’s security features. We will provide an overview of Incident Management and PowerShell. Then, using the Java 0-day exploit as a driver, we will walk through the lifecycle of an incident. The audience will leave with information on the policy and practice of managing security incidents in Windows with PowerShell.


J Wolfgang Goerlich is the information systems and security manager for a Michigan-based financial institution. He is responsible for managing the software development and network operations team. Wolfgang’s background is in architecting new systems, securing existing systems, and optimizing performance and recovery. With over a decade of experience, Mr. Goerlich has a solid understanding of both the IT infrastructure and the business it enables.

Matt Johnson is a Systems Analyst from the Metro Detroit area. As an avid technologist and tinkerer, he is always looking to understand and improve the world around him. Matt has a strong interest in automation and the use of PowerShell. Matt founded the SE Michigan PowerShell User Group and was a judge for the last two years for the Microsoft Scripting Games. He holds numerous certifications and writes a blog at http://www.mwjcomputing.com. You can follow him on twitter by following @mwjcomputing.


Motor City ISSA. February 21st, 2013. Livonia, MI.

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