Surviving the Robot Apocalpyse

Surviving the Robot Apocalpyse

I am on the latest BSides Chicago podcast episode: The Taz, the Wolf, and the exclusives. Security Moey interviewed me about a new talk I am developing for Chicago, titled Surviving the Robot Apocalypse.

The inspiration comes from Twitter. Tazdrumm3r once said, “@jwgoerlich <~~ My theory, he’s a Terminator from the future programmed 4 good 2 rally & lead the fight against SkyNet, MI branch.” A few weeks back, we were discussing the robotics articles I wrote for Servo magazine and some ‘bots I built with my son. To which, Infosec_Rogue said, “@jwgoerlich not only welcomes our robot overlords, he helped create them.”

I can roll with that. Let’s do it.

The goal of this session is to cover software security and software vulnerabilities in an enjoyable way. Think Naked Boulder Rolling and Risk Management. Unless, of course, you didn’t enjoy Naked Boulder Rolling. In that case, imagine some other talk I gave that you enjoyed. Or some other talk someone else gave that you enjoyed. Yeah. Pick one. Got it? Surviving is like your favorite talk, only for software security principles and their applicability to InfoSec.

I hope to see you in Chicago.


Surviving the Robot Apocalypse

Abstract: The robots are coming to kill us all. That, or the zombies. One way or the other, humanity stands on the brink. While many talks have focused on surviving the zombie apocalypse, few have given us insights into how to handle the killer robots. This talk seeks to fill that void. By exploring software security flaws and vulnerabilities, we will learn ways to bypass access controls, extract valuable information, and cheat death. Should the unthinkable happen and the apocalypse not come, the information learned in this session can also be applied to protecting less-than-lethal software. At the end of the day, survival is all about the software.

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