Wolf in the news

Wolf in the news

It has been a crazy week. Here are the highlights:


VioPoint released a case study we did on SDLC.

“This was more than a point-and-click assessment, as it was a top-down analysis of both code and infrastructure,” Goerlich explained. “VioPoint’s team engaged my team and my third-party developers at every stage of the project and the deliverables were on time, to spec, and well-polished.”


InformationWeek published a list of 10 IT Leaders to Follow on Twitter.

Abizer Rasheed, president of managed services provider Effortless 24-7, enjoys Goerlich’s mix of IT expertise and his involvement in the IT scene in the Midwest, where Rasheed works. “Wolfgang shares a unique mixture of insights, tech articles, and local happenings in the Michigan tech scene,” Rasheed says. “He has a wry sense of humor and an ear towards dialog, intertwining humorous anecdotes alongside with his hard-edge technical posts. Wolfgang’s feed is one-of-a-kind among the many IT leaders on Twitter and I find it highly valuable.”


Tripwire highlighted InfoSec’s rising stars and hidden gems: the defenders.

“Goerlich is described as a superb leader who mixes his deep interest and knowledge of technology and security with his management experience and business understanding, as evidenced by his 2012 InfoWorld Technology Leadership and his 2008 IDG Best Practices in Infrastructure Management awards. Goerlich is also a well known podcaster, avid Twitterer, and a co-organizer for events like the BSidesDetroit.”


I thank Tripwire, InformationWeek, and VioPoint for the write-ups. It is gratifying to see the work my team does recognized. I wish I could say we are taking the weekend off. But truth be told, upgrades wait for no one, and this will be a working weekend.



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