CISOs in crisis

CISOs in crisis

Cybersecurity is an intense race that never lets up, an endless back-and-forth with threat actors looking for a way in. Not surprisingly, CISOs are continually on edge, feeling increased stress and pressure: In fact, 75% are open to change, according to a new report from IANS Research and Artico Search.

Excerpt from: CISOs in crisis – why they feel dissatisfied and neglected by the C-suite and board.

So what can CISOs do to improve their satisfaction levels, standing and influence within a company and broaden their non-technical expertise? For starters, advocate, IANS advises. With traditional characteristics no longer meeting the needs of the new security landscape, CISOs have an “unprecedented opportunity” to argue for their role at the C-suite level and call for enhanced interaction with boards.

Ultimately, says advisory CISO and IANS faculty member Wolfgang Goerlich: “CISOs who manage relationships are more satisfied and successful than CISOs who manage technology.”

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Wolf’s Additional Thoughts

Security leadership is a relationship, not a position. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I understand many of us (myself included!) got into this field for our love of technology. Preserve that love, that spark, that joy. But always remember it is our relationship with our peers, the C-Suite, and the board, which enables us to lead and make a difference.

Side note, I’m a fan of coaching. Both being coached, and coaching others. I think it just makes good sense to get an outside opinion on what you’re doing, and what’s possible. The study found it also makes good business sense. “Security leaders who don’t participate in professional development make an average of $369,000 a year, while those with executive coaching take in roughly $550,000 — a difference of nearly $200,000.”

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