Friday Books and Talks 04/18/2014

Friday Books and Talks 04/18/2014

Great Work, Great Career
by Jennifer Colosimo, Stephen R. Covey

Do you have a good career, a mediocre career, or a great career? How do you know? And how do your create a great career? The most respected business thinker of our time, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, and change consultant Jennifer Colosimo offer a complete handbook for anyone seeking answers.

“The energy you invest in regularly and frequently building your village will pay dividends not only in advancing your career, but also in personal satisfaction. You will get into the habit of service, which is the foundation of a great career. With a synergy mindset, you will learn from the best people in your life. And when you need them, they’ll be there for you because you have been there for them.”

“The village you build might ultimately be your greatest career achievement. It might even become the source of great new advances in understanding your field. It’s a natural principle that you cannot achieve anything truly worthwhile alone –– at least not in the world of work.”

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