SDxCentral: Debunking Cybersecurity Myths

SDxCentral: Debunking Cybersecurity Myths

Of all the cybersecurity myths about small to midsized businesses, the most damaging is the widely held believe that SMB leadership doesn’t take security and data privacy seriously, says Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO at Cisco Duo. This myth must be stamped out immediately, he said. And while it’s myth No. 8 in a new Cisco report, “it really needs to be myth one.”

Excerpt from: Cisco Debunks Cybersecurity Myths

“Maybe that was true 10 years ago,” Goerlich said. “The executive teams of these organizations are taking security and data privacy very seriously. Every other myth downstream is effected by that awareness and visibility at the top.”

Cisco’s latest security report, based on a survey of almost 500 SMBs, aims to debunk myths about smaller companies’ security posture and threats. This is important because the security industry has traditionally been biased against SMBs, perpetuating the myth that they don’t prioritize cybersecurity, the report says.

To come up with the 10 myths debunked in the report, Cisco compared responses from SMBs (250-499 employees) versus larger organizations with 500 or more employees. It shows that SMBs face the same threats and potential damages from an attack and they take security preparedness every bit as seriously as their larger counterparts.

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