Security design, Comic Sans, and the HAL 9000 – Recap

Security design, Comic Sans, and the HAL 9000 – Recap

Security design weekly recap for June 1-6

This week: Vincent Connare and Comic Sans. Turns out, security controls are a bit like Comic Sans. They have their places. But when not in their place, they’re imminently mockable. Use controls thoughtfully. Principle: Everything is right somewhere. Nothing is right everywhere.

Previously: Ettore Sottsass and the Elea 9003, the inspiration for the HAL 9000. Securing by what we can measure in dollars leads to decisions which are blind to the human factors. When introducing human-centric design to our security programs, we must consider all the ways people determine value. Principle: Remember the subjective. Remember the chairs.

One thing more: “Andrea Granelli – president of Kanso, former chairman of the Olivetti Foundation and CEO of Telecom Italia Labs – talks about the past looking at the future. Inspired by the symbolism of our Olivetti Cafeteria, and next to a P101 – the very first personal computer in history – Granelli’s presentation focus on the connection between design and innovation, and about Olivetti Foundation as a paradigmatic example of that relation.” Watch on YouTube here.

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