Principles for Designing Security Capabilities

Principles for Designing Security Capabilities

Security leaders have a bold vision. Leaders have a grand strategy. Leaders excite and engage people to get things done. Along the way, leaders make decisions.

To innovate within, first look outward.

This blog series is about making better decisions. IT security is a new discipline. But creativity and ingenuity are as old as humanity. Week by week, we’ll look to artisans, to architects, and to designers. We’ll uncover principles we can apply to lead and to design security capabilities.

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Pilot with chaos. Cyber security is complex. The proverbial butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil producing tornado in the United States. Thankfully, we have chaos theory and security chaos engineering.

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Cyber Security Design Principles:


Finally: Here are some of my folksy sayings on cybersecurity leadership and design.
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