Security design, fashion, and lounge chairs – Recap

Security design, fashion, and lounge chairs – Recap

CyberSecurity design weekly recap for July 13-18.

This week: Yves Saint Laurent and fashion. CyberSecurity can be a bit too much like fashion. Every major event, there’s a new trend. The media buzz will say that new threats appear every day. The buzz is that our ways of defending become dated and ineffective as quickly as they’re implemented. What to do? Do the fundamentals well. Do them consistently. Do them with style. Principle: Frameworks fade but security is eternal.

Previously: Charlotte Perriand and the LC4 Chaise. Principle: Take it one metaphor at a time. Around 1930, Perriand applies the metaphor of the lounging cowboy to the LC4 Chaise Longue. Twenty years later, around 1950, Børge Mogensen applies the metaphor of Perriand’s chair to Morgensen’s Hunting Chair. And twenty years after that, we have lawn furniture inspired by Mogensen and Perriand. Technology advances at the speed in which new metaphors are identified, shared, adopted, and absorbed. Principle: Take it one metaphor at a time.

One thing more: YouTube has a documentary called Charlotte Perriand: Inventing the World. “An opportunity to review Perriand’s life and career from the perspective of her artistic activities as well as her social and political engagement. We talked about her stance on the individual’s role in nature, the position of women in society, a new type of living environment, the way different types of artistic creation relate to each other, and the concept of a synthesis of the arts.”

This article is part of a series on designing cyber security capabilities. To see other articles in the series, including a full list of design principles, click here.

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