Security design, the art of Chindōgu, and denim jeans – Recap

Security design, the art of Chindōgu, and denim jeans – Recap

CyberSecurity design weekly recap for June 15-20.

This week: Kenji Kawakami and the Japanese art of Chindōgu. From shoe umbrellas to chopsticks with cooling fans, the playful anarchy unlocks our creativity. Toss aside the checklists. Have fun with the controls. Forget being productive for a moment. Forget being useful. Join the un-useless revolution. Principle: Take controls from useless to un-useless to useful.

Previously: Bart Sights and Levi denim jeans. When planning the implementation and ongoing operations, consider how the technology can develop a patina. Think of it like denim jeans, where every day, every wear, the jeans and security becomes better molded to you. Principle: Plan to wear in, not wear out.

One thing more: Check out The World According to Jeff Goldblum on Disney. Generally, it’ll inspire you. Specifically, episode 104 is on Denim and Goldblum visits Bart Sights Eureka Labs.

This article is part of a series on designing cyber security capabilities. To see other articles in the series, including a full list of design principles, click here.

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