Tip: Cygwin for Steganography in Sounds (.wav)

Tip: Cygwin for Steganography in Sounds (.wav)

Cygwin can be used for hiding data in sound files.

First, run setup and select the “steghide: A steganography hiding tool” package under the Security category. You may also be prompted to install libjpeg7 and mhash. Complete the installation.

Second, copy your hidden file and cover file to the home folder (C:\cygwin\home\Administrator). For example, suppose we use “hidden.msg” and “applause.wav” to embed a text message inside a file of folks clapping. Let’s use the word “secret” as the passphrase.

$ steghide –embed –embedfile hidden.msg –coverfile applause.wav –passphrase secret –stegofile output.wav

embedding “hidden.msg” in “applause.wav”… done
writing stego file “output.wav”… done

The resulting “output.wav” file now contains the message. To extract, we use steghide with the passphrase.

$ steghide –extract –stegofile output.wav –passphrase secret –extractfile output.msg

wrote extracted data to “output.msg”.

That is how to use steghide in Cygwin to embed and extract files from sound files (.wav).

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