Security design, album covers, and Dieter Rams – Recap

Security design, album covers, and Dieter Rams – Recap

CyberSecurity design weekly recap for June 22-27.

This week: Peter Saville and the New Order’s Blue Monday cover. A pervasive thought in CyberSecurity is that people don’t implement controls because they’re not knowledgeable. More information means better security. The entire discipline of security awareness is based on this idea. But is this correct? I mean, Peter Saville didn’t need to listen to the music to design brilliant covers. Principle: Don’t listen to all the music.

Previously: Dieter Rams and his design principles. Be principled. Develop a small set of architectural principles to guide the technical design. Live with them. Argue them. Disagree and commit. Apply and iterate them. But be principled.

One thing more: I’ve mentioned I have Dieter Rams principles hanging in my office. The Maisey Design Shop produced the piece, which is available as a poster from Etsy or as a boxed canvas from iCanvas. It’s too late for father’s day. But, come on! There’s always a holiday coming up. Check them out.

This article is part of a series on designing cyber security capabilities. To see other articles in the series, including a full list of design principles, click here.

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